Ready For A Clean Slate? How To Get Your Felony Conviction Expunged

If your felony conviction is interfering with your ability to move forward with your life, it's time to have your records expunged. You might have thought that the felony conviction would be a permanent mark on your record, but that's not necessarily the case. If you need to get a felony conviction removed from your record, here are four steps you need to take.  Talk to an Attorney About Expungement

If You Are Planning To Divorce, Social Media Is Not Your Friend

If you are thinking about getting divorced, you may want to be mindful of social media posts going forward. It may even be a good idea to deactivate social media accounts that are not related to your business or employment. Some platforms may make it easy to locate and remove or change privacy settings on certain posts. However, anything that is posted on social media can likely be retrieved if requested by law enforcement or the justice system.

Why Maximum Physical Recovery Matters in Injury Cases

When a personal injury attorney talks with a client about when to finally submit a claim, the focus is usually on achieving maximum physical recovery. This means that, within reason, the client's injuries have healed as much or close to as much as they're likely to. In the world of personal injury law, it's a big deal. Look at why lawyers focus on it. 1. One Shot With the rare exception of cases involving fraud, claimants only get one shot at obtaining compensation.

What Maximum Medical Improvement Could Mean For Hurt Workers

For those hurt on the job, your employer's insurance coverage provides a lot of great benefits. Hurt workers with an approved claim could be paid a partial salary along with medical expenses. Some injuries, though, don't heal in a timely manner. Read on to find out what the milestone of maximum medical improvement (MMI) means for your workers' compensation claim. What Does MMI Mean? Once you begin receiving workers' comp benefits, the numbers start adding up.

Three Benefits Of Bankruptcy And How An Attorney Can Help You Get Them

No one ever wants to consider filing for bankruptcy, but if going bankrupt were really the end of the world, almost no one would do it. In reality, people file for bankruptcy every day because doing so grants them important benefits that help them bring their lives back into order. If you are facing the choice between filing for bankruptcy or struggling on in your current financial situation, a bankruptcy attorney can help you determine the right choice to make.