So, You Ate Tainted Food: When Can You Sue?

Personal injury cases do not always involve accidents or injuries, sometimes they involve illnesses. Food poisoning is one type of illness that can lead to a personal injury suit, depending on the severity. With the legalization of marijuana in some states, personal injury attorneys now find themselves filing suits for people who have unknowingly ingested marijuana-laced foods and have become ill. So, if you happen to eat something that makes you sick, when can you sue?

Facing Burglary Charges In California? What You Need To Know About The Law

The state of California averages nearly 240,000 burglaries every year. For a crime that occurs so often, there are many misconceptions about the charges. It can be difficult to build a reasonable defense against burglary without understanding some of the nuances of the law. Here's a look at a few of the key things that you should know about California's burglary laws: You Don't Even Have to Steal Anything Although most burglary cases involve stolen property, you can actually face charges of burglary without having stolen anything.