How A Private Investigator Helps A Defendant In A Car Accident Case

After a car accident, it is often necessary for one party involved in the lawsuit to hire a private investigator. This is usually with the goal of looking into the facts of the case to determine whether the party considered to be "at-fault" should settle out of court or deny the claim.

The First Steps of a Private Investigator

One of the first actions taken by a private investigator is to arrive at the scene of the accident to gather evidence. They will take photographs and might record the scene of the accident using cameras. They will then interview any nearby witnesses. Law enforcement and medical experts will be interviewed to make sure that everything that is being said by the plaintiff can be proven.

For example, the plaintiff might allege that they suffered a particular injury and a doctor must be interviewed to verify that this is the case. The private investigator might also try to determine if the doctor has a conflict of interest. 

Legal Claims

In some cases, the injured party really is injured but is filing a claim against the wrong party. For example, an insurance provider might not be covering the defendant for the type of damage that the plaintiff has suffered.

Social Media

Monitoring social media accounts can lead to information being revealed that can cast doubt on the claims of the plaintiff. While this might seem like a simple task, a plaintiff might have several social media accounts or may have accounts on more obscure websites. Also, the private investigator will need to prove that the plaintiff really owns a particular account.


A private investigator might perform a stakeout in which they follow and spy on a plaintiff until they are able to determine whether the claims made by the plaintiff are credible. For example, a plaintiff might seek damages for lost wages and claim that they are unable to work when they are actually performing work under the table. The private investigator might produce photographic evidence of this that can be presented in court.

Rather than being physically present, some private investigators will use stationary devices such as cameras to conduct surveillance. The devices used by the private investigator must be in compliance with state law for conducting surveillance. 

The private investigator will present evidence to a client and the client will then be able to determine how they proceed with the case. If you think you need a private investigator, reach out to a company like Gary Litton Investigators.