The Mistakes That Can Make A Personal Injury Lawsuit Fall Through

If you're injured in an accident that is another person's fault, you'll likely need to take some legal steps to receive compensation for your losses. Personal injuries can result in medical bills, lost wages, and even property damage. However, there are some mistakes that can be made when dealing with your injury that can cause your lawsuit to eventually fall through. Here are some of those mistakes that you should avoid making.

Forgetting To Immediately Contact The Police

One of the first things you should do is get the police involved in your case. Have them show up at the scene of the accident, take statements, and file a police report. If your injury is serious enough to require that you go to the hospital, a police report will be necessary for your future personal injury lawsuit. 

Unfortunately, many people assume that their injuries are not that serious. It's also possible that the injury leaves you in a state that you are unable to contact the police. Try to contact the police as soon as you can to get the police report paperwork in progress.

Talking To The Defendant's Representation

It is possible that an insurance adjuster or lawyer that works for the defendant will contact you after the accident. Many people make the mistake of talking to them and making an official statement. This is a big mistake because you may say something that reduces the blame that is assigned to the defendant. The purpose of making contact with you will never be to improve your case but to weaken it. Nothing good can come from this conversation, which is why you want to redirect the person to talk to your lawyer. You are hiring a lawyer like those at Maruca Law for legal representation, so do not go around your lawyer and potentially mess up your case.

Neglecting Recovery Instructions

Your doctor will give you instructions for recovering from your injury, and it's important that you follow all of them. Not following instructions can imply that your injury is not as bad as it seems, or that you are fully recovered. For example, you may be more active than you have been advised, which results in a photo of your activity being posted on social media in a public feed. You may return to work earlier than anticipated, which implies you are fully healed. Always listen to your doctor's instructions before you change your behavior.