Three Ways An Attorney Can Help You After A First Time DUI Arrest

You can't believe it happened, but you were arrested for driving under the influence. You may not have thought you had too much to drink, but you were pulled over by a police officer, failed a sobriety test, handcuffed and taken to jail. You may think that you should simply plead guilty and put everything behind you. This is a mistake. You need to speak to an attorney. The following are only three ways an attorney can help you after a first time DUI arrest.

An attorney may be able to save your driving privileges

Depending upon the circumstances of your arrest and the evidence against, it is possible that your driver's license can be suspended, even for a first time offense. For many people, this can lead to a financial disaster. Without the ability to get to work, it is likely you will lose your job. For many people, public transportation is not a viable option. If you are in this situation, it is sometimes possible for an attorney to negotiate a sentence that allows you to drive to work or drive while working. This latter option is necessary for those who drive vehicles as a part of their job.

An attorney may be able to prevent jail time

The laws for a first time offender are wide ranging, so there are many possibilities for a sentence, including jail time. However, with an attorney working for you, jail time can sometimes be removed from the penalties assessed against you. Must of this will depend upon the damages that have resulted from your drunk driving. Property damages and injuries to other people contribute to the chances of jail time, but absent these factors, an attorney can help negotiate on your behalf to eliminate a jail sentence.

Having the charges dropped

Although this is not something that is routine in the court system, there are circumstances in which the charges are thrown out. Often this is due to a procedural issue during a sobriety test, or events that took place after the arrest. Although it is rare to have charges dropped or not filed at all, it can happen. But this is not possible without an attorney. Attorneys with experience in DUI cases can quickly spot a problems that make it hard for the district attorney's office to prosecute the case.

If this is your first arrest for DUI, getting an attorney is imperative. The legal system is complex, and there are many legal outcomes for the circumstances of your arrest. Hiring an attorney means having someone in your corner standing up for your rights and your best interests. This gives you your best chance at the best possible outcome for your first time DUI arrest.