What Can You Do To Negotiate With An Insurance Company Successfully?

The negotiation process in a personal injury case can take months and sometimes longer to complete. During that time, it is important that you do everything possible to move the insurance company towards a settlement with you. To help you successfully negotiate a settlement, here are some tips. 

Know the Settlement Amount

Before you have your first contact with the insurance company, you need to know what your claim is worth and what would be considered a reasonable settlement amount. By knowing these numbers, you can determine what the minimum amount is that you are willing to accept to settle your case. 

When determining the worth of your claim, you need to factor in all of your damages. In addition to the actual damages, such as your medical bills, you need to also factor in lost wages, pain and suffering, and whether or not you have fully recovered from your injuries. Remember, the settlement amount needs to take into account any future treatment you need so that you are not left paying out-of-pocket for injuries that were not your fault. 

Coming up with an exact amount can be difficult. Fortunately, it is possible to calculate a minimum settlement amount with the help of an experienced attorney. 

Ask for Reasoning

After submitting your first offer, it is possible that the insurance company will respond with an offer that you deem relatively low. In some instances, the adjuster uses a low offer to determine if you are fully aware of what your claim is really worth. If you feel that the offer is low, do not accept it. 

One of the first steps you need to take is to contact the adjuster in writing and ask for the reasoning behind the low offer. By doing this, you are gaining information that you can use to readjust your offer and to strengthen your argument as to why you are deserving of a higher settlement amount. 

Once you know why the adjuster has offered the low settlement, you can attack the reasoning. For instance, if the adjuster argues that your injuries were not serious enough to warrant the settlement you are seeking, you can respond with a report from your doctor, pictures of your injuries, and copies of any medical records that the insurance company does not have. 

The insurance company adjusters are experienced in negotiating claims. To bolster the chances that you are successful in your negotiations against a skilled negotiator, consider working with an attorney. For more information, visit websites like http://www.lawofficecolorado.com.