Wrongful Death Immunities: Who Is Excluded from Wrongful Death Lawsuits and Why

Wrongful death lawsuits, like anything else, have some exceptions and exclusions. Before you hire a lawyer for a wrongful death suit, you should know what these exclusions are. The last thing you want to do is hire a lawyer and find out after the fact that your case will not hold much weight in court because of exclusions. Sometimes there are ways around the exclusions, but those ways around are definitely not easy to obtain or accomplish.

Can I Go Bankrupt If I Am Working?

When many people hear the word bankrupt, they picture a person who has fallen on hard times and has no job or any other viable income stream. However, although having a job can stave off having to declare bankruptcy, there are many situations where having a job will not protect you from having to declare bankruptcy. In fact, the comfort and security of a job can cause you to set in motion the factors that can send you on a downward path towards bankruptcy.

How to Divorce Amicably After a Long Marriage

Undergoing the divorce process is not easy, especially if you have been in a long marriage. However, you can divorce amicably, without even taking your partner to court, in several ways. A good way to make the divorce smooth is to hire a family law attorney who can help with negotiating the divorce terms. In addition to that, the following tips can help you to have an amicable divorce.  

How To Purchase Real Estate From Afar

Buying real estate is hard enough when the house is within reach. When you're trying to purchase a house that is located in another state or some other far off place, you could be facing quite a few challenges. The communication problem alone can be very frustrating, however, your biggest issue might be buying a property that comes with defects that you could easily see if you were on the ground.

Form SSA-561: What It Is, What It Is Meant For, And How To Use It

The government always has a form for every action you want to take. File your taxes and fill out Form 1040 or 1040 EZ. In the military and need a jeep? Then you need Requisition Form blah, blah, blah. Even when you apply for Social Security Disability Benefits, you need a form. When you are denied benefits, you need a Social Security Disability attorney's services. Then you need Form SSA-561. If you do not know about Form SSA-561, the following will bring you up to speed.