What Are Your Legal Options When You Suffer Severe Gas-Leak Related Injuries At Work? Find Out

Your workers' compensation coverage should provide payments for all injuries you encounter at your workplace, including complications caused by gas leaks. However, getting compensation for invisible health problems is usually complicated, so hiring a lawyer for legal advice is essential. After evaluating the situation, they will advise you on the viable legal options to help you pursue payment for the damages. Although the obvious route is seeking payment through your employer, you could also be entitled to compensation from other parties. You can get compensation for your gas leak injuries through the following options.

Workers' Compensation Claims

When performing company tasks, injuries caused by a gas leak qualify for workers' compensation. However, you might not get these payments if you don't follow all the filing requirements and prove that you sustained your injuries at work. Therefore, you might need the services of a lawyer to get through this process correctly. They will ensure that you file the appropriate paperwork, which is one of the essential requirements in this type of claim.

Besides, gas leak injuries are generally challenging to prove, and you must get as much evidence as possible to support your lawsuit. Your main supporting documents are the medical documents. They indicate that your injuries are gas-related, their severity, and the treatment needed. In that regard, your attorney will order a medical examination immediately after your accident. Then, they will use your medical records and other evidence to support your claim. 

Third-Party Claims

You can also get compensation through a third-party claim. For example, you have a right to file a claim if the gas tank leaked because of a defective part or a manufacturing problem. Legal representation is necessary when filing a third-party lawsuit because it requires a comprehensive investigation to determine who is truly liable. 

Typically, your lawyer might need to hire experts to determine where the gas leak originated. An expert investigation is particularly necessary if the leaking gas caused a fire or explosion and destroyed essential evidence. The expert witnesses will analyze the scene, gather evidence, and write a report of their observations. That enables you to know the parties to sue.

You are entitled to compensation after sustaining a severe injury caused by a gas leak. But these claims are usually complicated, making it important to enlist the services of a personal injury compensation lawyer. They will gather evidence, prepare your claim, and represent you in your case to enable you to get compensated for your losses.

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