Family Law Matters: Disputes That Require Professional Legal Representation

Family members should live peacefully and support one another in time of need. However, disagreements that threaten unity are not uncommon in families. Engaging a family lawyer is a good way to resolve family-related issues. First, your lawyer will try to piece together the legal aspects of the disagreement and determine the best strategies to tackle the contentious issue. They can decide to solve the issue out of court or file a lawsuit. Here are family disputes that require professional legal representation.

Domestic Violence Issues

Domestic violence is punishable by law. Therefore, you can take legal action against your abusive partner. Besides that, you can seek legal protection when your partner threatens to beat you. For instance, you can seek the court's intervention if your ex-spouse issues threats after you apply for divorce. In such a case, your lawyer will file a case in court, seeking orders barring your partner from threatening you. The orders may also prohibit your ex-partner from visiting your house or workplace. They must comply with the orders or face punishment for going against court rules. 

Spouse Support and Alimony Issues

If you depend on your partner for financial support, the law allows you to seek monetary support from them after divorce. You can apply for the payments during the divorce process. A family law attorney is crucial at this point since they'll help you determine the amount of money to request. Additionally, they will present convincing arguments in court about your financial struggle and why you need assistance. A successful application will enable you to get orders compelling your partner to pay you a certain amount of money for a specified duration.

Child Custody Issues

You can file a civil guardianship of your kids when you part ways with your spouse. The application gives you permission to take care of, raise, and maintain the kids. Again, you need the assistance of a family law practitioner to help you persuade the judge that you are the right parent to have full custodianship of your kids. 

In that regard, they will argue that you have sound mental health, are financially stable, and enjoy a good relationship with your kids. That way, you may end up receiving full custody of the kids. After a successful request, the court will deliver a ruling on how you and your ex-spouse should spend time with the kids. The judge will also give directions on the child support payments you should make monthly.

The disputes highlighted above require professional legal representation. Therefore, enlist the help of a family law attorney when such issues arise. They will help you find solutions impeccably, avoiding disagreements that could hurt your relationship with the conflicting parties.