3 Ways A Criminal Law Attorney Will Defend Your Rights

Criminal charges are serious and can lead to jail time, fines, and other social penalties. These legal actions can be taken against an individual or company and can result in a felony conviction. If you want to avoid the stress that comes with these charges, it's advisable to hire an experienced criminal law attorney. They'll argue your case out and ensure you get the best outcome. Keep reading to find out how they'll do this.

Assessing a Case's Variables

When a law enforcement officer arrests someone, they must know what crimes the person committed, and have probable cause to arrest them. But, if they have insufficient evidence, they shouldn't hold the individual.

Criminal lawyers can assess the variables of your case and determine whether you should be held. They'll find out what you did, whether you were alone or with others, where you did it, and who else was involved. If they find you were unlawfully arrested, they'll file a civil rights suit in federal court to get the charges dropped. They'll also analyze the evidence to determine whether there were other issues at play.

Offering Defense Strategies

Winning criminal cases requires a lot of preparation and research. To get your freedom back, you'll need to know the law and how it applies to your case. Even if you master every concept but don't know how to interpret it, there's no guarantee you'll get the best result.

If you're charged with a crime, your best bet is a criminal lawyer. They'll help you to understand what's going on, provide you with solid defense strategies, and prepare a strong case for the court. They'll also dig deeper into how the police investigated the case and collected evidence. This will enable them to determine if there are issues likely to affect your chances in court.

Avoiding Pre-Trial Detention

Pre-trial detention is common for first-time offenders who have been arrested for low-level offenses. In many cases, the police will hold you to simply question you. The police rarely arrest someone without a warrant, and they'll rarely be able to detain you without a warrant. However, laws in some states allow the court to ask for bail before your case goes to trial.

Having a criminal lawyer on your side can make all the difference when it comes to pre-trial detention. They'll determine if the charges against you are strong or weak and work with the prosecutor to get a reduction in your bail. They'll also prepare evidence to attack any weakness in the prosecution's evidence.

Hiring a criminal law attorney is a smart way to defend yourself against criminal charges. With these attorneys on your side, you'll get your charges dropped or reduced to the lowest possible level.