Injured In A Terrorist Truck Accident? What You Can And Should Do Next

In 2017, it was the year of kamikaze terrorist truck accidents. Terrorists were driving trucks into crowds, into stores and through public places filled with people in countries such as France and Great Britain. No one really knows for sure what drives these individuals to use trucks for slaughter, but if you were one of the victims, you need to take steps for your health and well-being. (Many Americans were visiting the countries and cities that were attacked and lived to tell about it.) Here is what you should have done, can still do, and should do next.

Visit the American Consulate

Typically after receiving emergency medical care in a foreign country, you should visit the American Embassy or American Consulate (depending on the city and country in which you were a victim of an attack). Discuss the situation at length with a legal representative there since you may have to return for a hearing if you file a criminal complaint against a citizen of that country. Some of these kamikaze drivers survived, but others did not. Some took their own lives after crashing. If the driver that struck you is still alive, the government of that country may permit you to sue for damages under their laws. Only your consulate or ambassador will know for sure.

Hire a Good Truck Accident Attorney and an International Affairs Attorney

You will need both of these attorneys to work on your case. The truck accident attorney works on helping you receive compensation for your injuries while the international affairs attorney makes sure foreign laws are followed and court customs are adhered to. You can only sue for what the laws in that country will allow and nothing more. It may be just enough to cover your medical bills and any future psychological treatments if you were sufficiently traumatized.

Sue the Living Driver and/or Sue the Truck Company If the Driver Is Dead

If the driver who staged the attack is still alive and a citizen of the country in which you were attacked, sue the driver. If the driver is not a resident of that country, you may have a more difficult time suing him/her. Additionally, if the driver is dead, you will need to sue the truck company that gave or lent him/her the truck that nearly killed you. You could also sue the driver and the truck company if the survivor works for that company.

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