Protect Your Ride: Three Ways To Make Sure You Don'T Lose Money On Your Aftermarket Mods If You'Re In A Car Accident

If you're a car enthusiast with a modified ride, you're well aware that aftermarket parts are far from a cheap investment. A set of aftermarket wheels and tires alone can set you back thousands of dollars. Add in the price of upgraded engine, suspension, and body components, and the mods on your vehicle can easily add up to the cost of a used car.

The problem is that without a proper insurance policy and documentation, all that money you've spent on modifications can potentially go down the drain if you're in an accident. Here are five ways to make sure that doesn't happen.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Most car insurance companies have special policies to cover aftermarket parts and upgrades. Even if you have comprehensive coverage, your default policy may only cover a fraction of the cost of your modifications.

Look into your specific policy and make sure it covers the full value of your ride. Depending on the cost of your upgrades, you may even have to change your policy to cover everything. You'll pay a bit more per month, but it will be well worth it if you get into an accident.

Document Your Modifications with Receipts and Photographs

If you happen to be in an accident, you'll have a much easier time getting fully compensated for your ride if you can extensively prove the value of your aftermarket mods. Every time you buy a new upgrade, file the receipt away somewhere safe. If you have the parts installed by an automotive shop, you should also keep copies of those receipts to prove how much you've spent on labor. It will likely be more difficult to get compensated for those costs, but it's still best to have a full record of all the money you've poured into your ride.

Additionally, take periodic photos of your vehicle highlighting the aftermarket parts that are installed. If you're like most car enthusiasts, you probably already do that to show off your baby on social media. Regardless, having detailed, recent photos of your ride will make it easier to prove what condition everything was in if you're in an accident.

Hire a Pro to Get You Paid

Even if you have a great insurance policy and thorough documentation, it can still be difficult to get fully compensated for all of your modifications. Insurance companies are notorious in car enthusiast circles for fighting tooth and nail to pay as little as possible for modified rides.

If you happen to be in an accident, hire a reputable car accident attorney to get you the payout you deserve. Provide your attorney with all of your documentation and let them do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to dealing with the insurance company. That way you can just sit back and start planning out your next project car. Visit a site like for more help.