Dealing With an Alcoholic Spouse? Separation and Divorce Options May Be Best

If you think your spouse has a drinking problem and you can't get them to reach out for the help they need, you may be considering a divorce. If you think that you want to try to get them help, and that you want to see if things could work out if they stopped drinking, you want to talk with a lawyer to see what your options are.

You may want to take some space from your spouse to let them know you are serious about their drinking problem and that it has to stop, and that you have met with a legal expert about possibly separating. Here are a few of the things you need to speak with the lawyer about.

Filing for Separation

One of the best ways to separate from your spouse without filing for a divorce is to file for a separation. This will allow you to legally move, have your own life, and separate from your spouse, without having the marriage completely ended in court. You can give the separation a set amount of time while your spouse tries to recover or deal with their drinking problem, and then after that you can move forward with divorce or end the separation.

Creating a Mediation Agreement

A mediation agreement that you and your spouse create with a lawyer about the terms of the separation or divorce can make the processes much easier. When you sit down with your spouse to tell them you've met with a lawyer, tell them you want to create a mediated agreement so you can split amicably if necessary.

Rehabilitation Options

To stop drinking and to get back on track your spouse will have to go to a rehabilitation center or get some type of help. You can have your lawyer draw up a contract that states your spouse is willing to commit to a drinking program to help with their addiction, and if they violate the contract then the mediation agreement is void.

There is a lot to think about when you are dealing with a spouse that has a drinking problem, and it may be best to sit down with a divorce attorney, such as those at Madison Law Firm PLLC, to talk about your options and the different things going on in your marriage. You don't want to stay in a bad marriage, but with separation and divorce threats, your spouse may come around.