How To Prevent A Denied SSI Application

Have you suffered a disability that will prevent you from going back to work? If so, you should apply for SSI benefits. These benefits are provided to those who are no longer able to make a living due to a debilitating illness or injury. However, it can be very hard to win an initial SSI claim. Many initial cases are denied and will require an attorney to push for your benefits. There are some things you can attempt to do on your initial application that may prevent a denied claim:

Use of Drugs and Alcohol

Your SSI application will have a section asking about any uses of drugs or alcohol. You should always be honest in this section, but be careful how you fill it out. You can initially be denied due to drug and alcohol abuse, particularly if it had a prominent role in your disability. The Social Security Administration can say that had you not been irresponsibly using these substances, you would have been able to prevent your disability.

If you are asked to have a physician make a statement about your drug and alcohol abuse, be sure to be truthful in your answers. If you are suffering from liver disease, and you are not honest about drinking alcohol, the SSA may think you are being dishonest. Always provide accurate records regarding your disability if they are requested.


Getting married is a major milestone, but it can have a negative role when it comes to your SSI case. The SSA has very strict income limits. If you get married to someone who makes a good income, it can reduce your odds for winning your initial case. The SSI system is based on providing benefits to those who are the most in need first. If you get married, you can risk having your application being denied or at the very least delayed because it appears that you have access to enough cash to meet your daily living expenses.

Unemployment Benefits

You may also be receiving unemployment benefits for a period after your disability. This is seen as income in the eyes of the SSA. There are some instances in which the unemployment benefits will not have an impact on your SSI application. If you were disabled after you left your job, it should not have an impact on your application. In addition, if you have a disability that keeps you from doing your prior job but you can do other forms of work with additional training, the SSI should not penalize you for that.

Getting a positive outcome from a Social Security disability case can be very hard. However, working with a great attorney can greatly help your chances for getting access to the money you need to live your life. For more information, contact Bruce K Billman or a similar legal professional.