Buying Your First Home? 3 Reasons Why You Need A Real Estate Attorney On Your Team

If you're in the process of purchasing your first home, you're going to need a strong support team. A good team will help you avoid costly mistakes along the way. An important member of this team that you might not have considered yet is the real estate attorney. Trying to negotiate a real estate transaction without legal assistance can lead to some serious complications, especially when it's your first time through the process. Here are just three of the reasons you should add a real estate attorney to your team before you purchase your first home.

Provide Assistance with the Negotiations

When you're trying to purchase a home, you might experience some hurdles along the way. Some of those hurdles will come from other buyers who are trying to outbid you, while other hurdles will come from sellers who want to increase the asking price beyond the actual value of the home. If this is your first time purchasing a home, you might not have the experience you'll need to successfully navigate those hurdles. That's where a real estate attorney comes in. An attorney like John M. Ogden can help you negotiate a fair offer from the home you wish to purchase and answer any other questions along the way.

Ensure Inspections Are Done Properly

When you purchase a home, there are several inspections and surveys that will need to be completed before the transaction can be finalized. If those surveys and inspections aren't done properly, you can end up with serious problems when it comes time to close escrow. Your real estate attorney will coordinate the inspections to ensure that they're all taken care of in the way that they should be.

Conduct a Thorough Review of the Documents

When it comes to purchasing a home, there are a lot of documents involved in the process. You might feel like you're signing papers every day. Those documents are a crucial part of the home-buying process. If this is your first home purchase, most of the documents will be completely foreign to you. Unfortunately, that can make it difficult for you to fully understand what you're signing. A real estate attorney will look over all the documents and make sure they're in order for you. If you don't understand something, your attorney will explain it to you.

Buying a home is exciting. If this is your first home, don't take chances. Create a team that will help your dream of buying a home become a reality.  The information provided above explains why you need a real estate attorney on your home-buying team.