Be Smart And Stay Safe Behind The Wheel Of Your Car

Although you can never predict when an accident will occur, there are some practical steps that you can take to reduce your risk of being involved in one when driving. 

Pay attention to these pragmatic practices behind-the-wheel, and potentially avoid an auto accident:

Take a good look at what you are driving. Driving a sub-par vehicle or one that has some issues can increase your risk of an accident. Be sure to check tire pressure periodically, and check your warning lights and sensors before putting the vehicle in gear to go.

Don't tail-gate. Depending on who you ask, there is a two-second rule that commands how closely you should follow the car in front of you when driving. It is approximated that you should follow two seconds (or three seconds when using the 'three second rule') behind any vehicle in front of you.

Look for vehicles with safety features. Invest in a vehicle with an advanced safety system, which is reported to cut down on auto accident fatalities by around half. Augments to the front-end with these systems can help avoid a collision, or at least reduce the impact and severity of the accident.

Watch your speed. It is estimated that there are around 13,000 fatalities each year due to speeding, and is the third leading contributor to auto crashes. Speeding is involved in approximately one-third of fatal car accidents. Slow down.

Know your blind spots. Every car has some blind spots, and the key to avoiding an accident is to know where they are. Adjust mirrors to best compensate for the blind spots, and to decrease the risk of side-swiping another vehicle.

Don't allow distractions to interfere with driving. It is reported that over 1.6 million accidents every year are due to drivers that are distracted by cell phones. Furthermore, one out of every four accidents is due to texting and driving. Don't risk a ticket, an accident, or even death by using your phones or devices when driving.

Remember to use your turn-signal. Failure to use turn signals is a common cause of a collision. Give drivers ample warning of your intent by using these each time you turn.

Don't drink and drive. Though this is common-sense, it bears repeating. Don't drink and drive; don't ride with drivers that have been drinking.

There are other advantages to making efforts to avoid accidents, including reduced insurance premiums with a clean driving record. Avoid risk of injury by paying attention to these practical tips for avoiding a car accident. In the event that you do find yourself involved in an accident, speak with a car accident attorney (such as Loughlin Fitzgerald P C) for guidance and to review your legal options.