4 Mistakes To Avoid After Being Injured At Work

Workers compensation insurance is a type of insurance policy that employers have to carry to protect employees in the event that they are injured at work. This type of insurance will cover the expenses associated with medical care and lost compensation due to injuries. But if you want to qualify for these benefits after being hurt on the job, it is important to avoid making common mistakes. Some of the most common mistakes when it comes to workers compensation include,

Not Reporting the Injury

It does not matter if you think a workplace injury is major or minor-- any time you are hurt at work it is absolutely essential that you report the injury to your immediate supervisor. Sometimes injuries that may initially seem minor can turn out to be quite serious, but if you don't report the injury right when it happens you may not qualify for workers compensation because there may not be sufficient evidence to show that you were hurt on the job.

Failure to Get Medical Care

In most cases, in order to receive workers compensation benefits you will need documentation from a doctor that describes your injury and includes the prescribed treatment plan.  If you don't see a doctor in a timely manner after your injury, or stop seeing your doctor while you're recovering from a workplace injury, there is a chance that your workers comp claim can be denied. In addition to jeopardizing your workers comp claim, failure to receive proper medical care can also lengthen your recovery or lead to chronic issues, so take the time to visit a doctor for the sake of your own health.

Forgetting to Keep Organized Records

After a workplace injury, it is very important to keep written records of everything pertaining to the situation. You will want to keep a copy of the initial accident report filed with your employer, as well as copies of your medical records while you are being treated for a workplace injury. It is also a good idea to ask for documentation from your employee that shows how much time you miss from work due to your injury.

Not Seeking the Advice of an Attorney

It is very possible to handle a workers compensation claim without a lawyer, but if your claim is denied it is a mistake to just accept the denial and go without getting benefits after a workplace injury. If your employer, or its workers compensation insurance provider denies your claim, it is well worth the time and investment to seek the services of an experienced workers compensation attorney. Your attorney will be able to work on your behalf to argue your claim and help you get the compensation that you deserve. Click here for info about workers compensation.