Getting Compensated For Scalp Burns From A Beauty Salon

If you are ever burned as a result of a service provided at a beauty salon, you could be entitled to compensation. Burns can occur at these professional locations as a result of exposure to heat, hot water or chemicals, and there are certain things that you need to do if you plan to seek compensation. The following tips can help to ensure that you are able to prove your injuries.

Report discomfort immediately.

You might expect some services to cause mild burning. For example, a straightening perm or a service involving hot curlers could result in a patron feeling mild burning sensations. These sensations should be reported to the stylist or a person of authority at the location. If they tell you that the discomfort is a normal part of the service, ensure that someone else hears them say it. This is because your service could actually damage your skin or hair, and if that occurs, the person who told you that you were going to be fine might try to change their story.

Ensure you can prove who was present and that you have injuries prior to leaving the location.

You can attempt to get the names of witnesses, and if they refuse, use your cellphone to record or take photos. Witnesses can offer insight about what they saw or heard, and you could also be fortunate enough to actually catch their dialogue or response to your injuries with your recording device. Use your phone to document your own injuries as well. 

Seek medical attention after providing proof of the incident and injuries to the stylist, manager or owner.

To prove your damages, you will need to go to the doctor or the emergency room. This is a critical part of your case, and even if you feel you can manage the pain from the burns, consider what would happen if loss of hair, a scalp infection or similar issue occurred in the future as a result of the shoddy service. The initial medical attention will serve as documentation of your complaint along with a diagnosis. Any follow-up visits will aid in proving the extent of your injuries.

Be careful during this stage. Some salons may offer the service to you for free, and they may also want to complete an incident report documenting what happened. Refrain from talking too much to prevent hurting your potential personal injury case. 

Determine your actual losses.

Some damages may be difficult to prove. For example, attorneys for the beauty salon could try to convince the courts that loss of hair is not an actual damage if the hair is expected to grow back. You also need to consider some damages that you may not have thought of. For example, if you have to miss days out of work, you could be compensated for the time. A personal injury lawyer such as Burgess, Harrell, Mancuso, Colton, La Porta & Shea is the best resource to use for your case to ensure you do not overlook what you can be compensated for.

Consider compensation options.

The salon should have insurance, and if so, they may urge you to file a claim. If you have minor injuries, filing a claim may be ideal. However, if you have more severe injuries such as scarring or permanent hair loss, it may be better to file a lawsuit.