How An Estate Planning Attorney Can Help You

If you would like to make sure that your your final wishes are taken care of and in a legal manner, you will want to consider hiring an estate planning attorney. Before you decide to skip out on receiving the legal help, you might want to take a few moments to review just how the right attorney can really help you out.

Helps Prepare Your Last Will And Testament

Your last will and testament is a document that will clearly spell out your last wishes. Not only will your attorney help to make sure that everything is worded correctly, but he or she will advise as to whether your wishes can be legally binding. For example, you cannot simply designate anyone to be the guardian of your minor children should they have another living biological parent who would be willing to care for them. Your estate planning attorney will also advise you on what you can include in your will, such as an individuals that you would like to refrain from being able to get any inheritance.

Helps Dictate Your Medical Power Of Attorney 

If you want to make sure that there is someone you trust in control of medical decisions should you become unable to explain such wishes on your own, you need a medical power of attorney. For example, if you become unconscious, you will already have a trusted person in place who can decide things regarding your medical care. Since you just never know when such a need will arise, it is best to get this process started as quickly as possible.

Helps To Reduce The Chances Of Probate Court

Your beneficiaries may want to take claim to what is theirs and move on with their life to the best of their ability as soon as possible. This is hard to do though when the estate is held up in probate court. The purpose of the probate court is a valid one. They work to ensure that the requests made in your last will and testament are legally acceptable and that the executor of the estate is handling all of your affairs properly. Your estate planning attorney can help reduce the chances of your loved ones ending up in probate court, or at least reduce the amount of time the inheritance is stuck there by ensuring that everything is completed and spelled out perfectly clear and within the rules of the law.

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