3 Rules For Proceeding With A Worker's Compensation Case

In order to heal any personal injuries that take place on your job, it is important that you go about it in the best and most efficient way possible. This can be difficult if you have never dealt with such a situation, but there is a lot of valuable advice that can help you move forward. In that regard, read on so that you can learn a few guidelines that will assist you. 

#1: Make Sure To Report Your Injuries As Quickly As You Can

By proactively getting a jump on your case, you'll be able to handle it and get the best results. File an official worker's compensation claim document with your place of business and keep a hard copy and a digital copy for your on records. If they require you to mail the document to another corporate site or human resources location, make sure to send it via certified mail. From there, it is your employer's responsibility to place a claim with their worker's compensation insurance company. Follow up with your human resources department in order to acquire copies of this claim. The sooner you start this process, the cleaner and more straight forward it will be. 

#2: Know What Details To Record

Whether your worker's compensation case is paid straight out or disputed in court, you owe it to yourself to keep detailed notes. Keep a journal of the time, date, location and nature of your injury, making sure to detail every symptom. Visit multiple medical professionals and get their opinions and diagnoses in writing, while also keeping copies of medical bills. Further, create charts and diagrams, take photos and get a copy of surveillance video of the incident whenever possible. This will help you build a strong case, regardless of how the process plays out. 

#3: Take The Steps To Retain The Best Worker's Compensation Lawyer

The most important step for hiring the best worker's compensation lawyer is to sit down for a consultation, which you should treat as a job interview. Ask what portion of their work is dedicated to such cases, find out the specific ratio of cases they have tried and won and get a detailed account of how they plan to try your case. By hiring the best professional for the job, you are safeguarding your ability to get paid for your injuries, rehab and pain and suffering. 

If you have specific questions about the laws surrounding worker's compensation, contact an attorney with a firm like Counsell, Murphy & Cox, P.S.