3 Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Attorney

When it comes to your selling property, you should seek the advice of a legal expert. Real estate can be complex, and a transaction should only be completed if you have consulted with an attorney. There is a variety of ways that a real estate lawyer can assist you if you are trying to sell any type of property

Reason #1: Transfer the title

If you are selling land that you own, you will need to ensure the title is transferred to the buyer's name. This will usually require you to and the buyer to meet at the attorney's office together.

As the seller, you will be responsible for bringing the title with you and both you and the buyer will need to sign in front of a notary public. The real estate attorney will then record the changes at the courthouse in the jurisdiction which you live.

Reason #2: Attend Closing

Once you find the buyer for a home, you and this person will have to go to the closing. This is when all of the documentation will be signed by both parties showing the sale is complete.

Listed below are various types of documents you may need to sign:

1.  Hud-1 Settlement Statement – This is a document that has seven parts to it and is provided to the seller and buyer when a home is legally sold.

2.  Deed of trust – This is the deer to the property and should be transferred from the seller to the buyer once the house has been purchased.

3.  The note - This is a very important document that lists the amount of money that is owed by the buyer when the home is sold.

The role of your attorney at the closing is to advice you of what all the documents are to ensure you fully understand each one before you sign.

Reason #3: Civil Litigation

If there is a legal dispute between you and the buyer, the real estate attorney can advise you of your legal rights. Regardless if you are the plaintiff or defendant, there are several parts to civil litigation that must be completed.

Finally, the legal advice that an attorney can provide you when dealing with a matter as complex as real estate is critical to the success. Be sure to rely on the expertise of an attorney in this specific area for optimal results.