Economical Survival Tips To Use While Waiting On Your Disability Case To Get Approved

Did you apply for social security benefits? Perhaps you are waiting on a decision, and your bills are likely piling up while you wait. You may be wondering what to do in the meantime as well as what to do if your claim is denied. There are a few things you can do to "stay afloat" during the process of filing a claim and waiting on a decision. 


Consider consolidating some of your debts. This can help because you will not have the worries of paying payments to several creditors each month, which may even result in less money needing to be paid out each month for the accounts you consolidate. 

You can also consider restructuring your larger debts. For example, you may be able to refinance your mortgage, or if you have a good payment history on your vehicle or high-interest credits cards, you may be able to negotiate lower monthly payments or lower APRs with these creditors. 

Contact your utility company providers and inquire about whether they have budget or fixed rate monthly plans. For services such as cable, you may want to remove some of the services to lower the bills. 

Avoid Securing New Credit Lines and Frivolous Spending

If you are finding it difficult to pay your bills and your credit has not yet been affected, you may think securing additional credit is the best way to keep the situation under control. This is not a good idea because you are basically creating new bill obligations by going this route. 

Instead, look at any money you have coming in from other sources, and budget what you have coming in. Avoid splurging, even if you have lines of credit open with low balances.

No Other Income Available

You may not want to, but if there is no other income coming into you on a regular basis, consider applying for public assistance. Even if you have some income coming in from other sources, you could qualify for assistance with buying food. If you do qualify, this would save you some money in terms of buying groceries. The money you save can be used towards paying bills. 

If you are on the verge of losing major assets, you may want to consider withdrawing funds from retirement accounts. Keep in mind there may be tax implications involved with these decisions, even if there are not any penalties for early withdrawal. You may also want to consider selling some of your assets. For example, if you have more than one car, sell one. 

Turn to an Attorney

You may have applied for disability alone, but if your disability is denied, a social security lawyer like those at the Law Offices Of Russell J. Goldsmith is the best resource to use. These professionals can also offer you tips about surviving through the economical strain that comes along with waiting for your case to go through the qualification process.