Your Worker's Compensation Attorney Is Familiar With All Kinds Of Personal Injury Situations – Take Advantage Of It

When you have been injured at work, it is important that you hire a worker's compensation attorney like those at The Law Firm of Fitzgerald, Reese & Van Dyne, Co. to handle the legal case. Not only will he or she make sure that you receive worker's compensation insurance, but he/she can also look at the case to determine if there is any other business or product that is at fault too. While sometimes there is nothing more to the case, sometimes there is.

Product Liability

If your injury is the result of using a product, there could have been a flaw in it that caused the damage. For example, you are using a socket wrench to tighten a screw on a machine and the wrench slips because it was flawed when it was made. Your hand is severely cut, including tendons and nerves. Not only should you receive worker's compensation because you were injured at work, your lawyer will also seek compensation for your damages from the tool manufacturer. If you were using safety equipment that failed and caused the injury, the equipment manufacturer needs to be included in the case and compensate you as well.

Work Related Automobile Accidents

When your job requires you drive an automobile, whether your own or a company vehicle, you are not only covered by workers' compensation but also automobile insurance. If you were at fault for the accident, your insurance may not cover any damages or injuries if you did not carry insurance for work. Your attorney will be able to help you recover any monies due from the insurance company, if possible. If you were not at fault, your attorney will make sure that the other person's insurance company and your employer's worker's compensation insurance are both included in the case.

Employee Discrimination

Every once in a while, an employer treats an employee differently when there is an injury. You may find your hours cut, or perhaps you have been demoted after filing a worker's compensation claim. If your supervisor or employer gives you a hard time about the case, your lawyer can step in to stop the negative treatment. You have the right to file for compensation and your employer cannot treat you any differently because of it. Luckily, most employers want you to heal and come back to work at full capacity and know that in order to do so, you need the income from the compensation.

The quicker you contact an attorney after you have been injured, the quicker the case can be resolved. You deserve to be compensated by all parties involved in causing the damage so you can heal properly and without having to worry about paying your bills when you can't work.